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Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is the process of adding resources to a particular business or team in order to meet the project demand and timely delivery. Remote developers are hired through staff augmentation and managed by the client they work with. They are typically dedicated to focus on a particular project with the help of this simple contract staffing services

Strategic Differentiators

Staff Management
Experienced Resources
  • Senior Experts
  • Global Deployment Capabilities
Tech Expertise
  • Strong Domain Knowledge, technical skills
  • Resources across the Technology spectrum
Established Customers
  • Planning & Consolidations Solutions
  • Analytics, Successful delivery of ERP
Proven Delivery
  • Staffing firms & System Integrators, To End clients
  • Geographical understanding, Demography, and Technology

Sustained Management & Control

While firms leverage from the professionals of supplying organizations, they still retain control over their management and work. They are directly responsible for their assigned tasks and for integrating their services within the current team.

Efficient Hiring

Companies can supplant their permanent employees with skilled professionals to suit the need for a specific duration.


With Staff Augmentation Services, you adjust the size of your workforce according to demands and help you diversify your services with the experience acquired from temporary staff that can provide high-quality solutions.

Cost Savings

Staff augmentation offers firms the choice to hire for the short-run, instant and specific requirements of the business without compromising on the standard of talent they convey on.

Operational Efficiency

The staff augmentation not only decreases the cost of hiring skilled professionals, but it also reduces the operation costs and such savings can easily be translated into profits.

Gain control & visibility of your entire workforce

Pentabay is an established partner to deliver reliable custom software solutions, ranging from smart customization of predeveloped platforms to full-cycle custom software creation. Comply with the timelines and bring our recruiting process for the staff to work around the clock. In less time, find the right professionals for every position. Services are provided to our clients as per their specifications and requirements and at cost-competitive prices.

  • Architecture
  • Front-End
  • DevOps
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Creative & UX
  • Technical
  • Project Management
  • Client Services
  • Search & Marketing
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Full Stack Development
  • SAP Skills
  • Backend Development
  • Social Media & PR