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Java, javascript, C #, C++, PHP, AWS, Python, Swift, SQL, Ruby, etc. are the reasons behind information technology developments. To speed up input and output processes in a computer, programming is important. All types of software engineers, full-time employees, suppliers, contract workers, and part-time employees are valuable IT community members.


  • The test contain 20 questions and theres is no time limit.
  • If you want you can quit from middle of the test.
  • At the end your score and correct answers are displayed at the Result page
  • The correct answer will be displayed in green color.
  • The incorrect answer will be displayed in red color.
  • If Incorecct answer being selected, you will see the correct answer displayed in Green color for your reference.



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Free Online Test


Programming is important to accelerate the processes of input and output on a computer. Programming is important for accurately automating, storing, handling, measuring, analyzing data processing and information. PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages on the server-side that exists today. The language has the ability to communicate with a server back and forth and create a user-friendly webpage.

While designing custom WordPress functionality, PHP is the scripting language used to communicate with the database of the WordPress site and to provide the user's screen with the required content and actions. The application is fast, stable and most importantly it is very cross-platformed. It is compatible with all types of servers and operating systems.

Employers can perform coding tests in PHP language from a collection of thousands of curated issues using the Pentabay testing framework or build their own PHP language tests from their own queries. Since PHP has both scripting language and programming language features, users can get the best from both worlds and do so much with it.

Free Online Test
Free Online Test

How can Free Test Appearance help you?

Get to know Real Exam Patten: The questions in the free test are very close to those in the real exam. It will enable you to understand the pattern of the AWS certification exam. Therefore, you will become acquainted with the actual exam by participating in the free test.

Pre-employment assessment test

Architect Associate exam preparation level. You can, therefore, concentrate on your weak areas and continue to prepare accordingly. Practicing these exercises will boost your confidence, and you will be able to pass the certification exam of the AWS Solutions Architect Associate in the first attempt.


It's an ideal screening test for pre-employment. A successful Java developer must not only be able to solve problems using Java, but also know when to use the Java Class Library's features to write stable and maintainable code. Here are handpicked questions that deal with major java requirements and functionalities.

Try these questions and get benefitted today. A committed group of Java programmers, designers and enthusiasts has developed, refined, expanded, and validated Java Programming Language. Despite almost two decades of history, Java has grown gradually over the years.

For mobile phones, remote processors, gateways, consumer products, microcontrollers, sensors, wireless modules, or practically any other electronic device, write powerful and efficient applications by taking this Free Online Test.

Free Online Test
Free Online Test

AWS Facts

Amazon Aurora, a relational database system, is the fastest-growing service provided by AWS. AWS is renowned for adding new features to its list constantly. New AWS features and services with 722 new features and services introduced in one year have risen by 40%!

Amazon Web Services offers over 70 services including management, analytics, deployment, storage, computing, mobile, networking, database, and application services.

PHP Facts

PHP can be used in nearly every operating system. PHP can be used in all popular OSes, including Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and RISC OS. Originally, PHP was designed to replace a series of Perl scripts to manage the Personal Home Pages (also called PHP). Some of the biggest brands, such as MailChimp, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr Yahoo!, DailyMotion, Wikipedia, are powered by PHP.