Cloud Migration

The method can involve moving all of the applications and services, or a slower
approach may be needed where some apps are transferred to
the cloud while others stay on site.

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Cloud migration and Cloud Management services

Cloud migration is the process of moving applications, data, and other components into a cloud-based infrastructure that is hosted on servers within an organization. A business can perform different forms of cloud migration. This approach is called a hybrid migration. A cloud data center can provide many benefits over the on-site system in either case.

Successful and easy relocation to the cloud

We have extensive experience as a cloud service provider in bringing resources into the cloud. Our cloud migration platform provides an end-to-end approach for all essential or partial migration applications.


Where to Migrate?

As-is data and app migration from on premises to the cloud. In terms of cost, scalability, elasticity, or management features, this provides immediate benefits.


What to Migrate?

Identify the right priority of systems, resources, software and infrastructure that needs to be migrated.


How to Migrate?

Formulate for you the most appropriate migration plan that best aligns with your business needs and goals as well as removes all potential risks.

Why Pentabay for Cloud Migration Services?

Proven on-site migration processes and cloud integration services ensure that your public cloud project, private cloud, or hybrid cloud project will be successful. Count on us to offer swift and determined solutions and to quickly execute the migration process that is specifically and extensively tailored to your requirements.

Custom plans for migration
Each of our Client's project requirements is unique and creative, and this should be reflected in their cloud solutions. We have custom transition plans, specifically tailored to your demands, and our cloud architecture team can completely instruct your team on what the cloud can do for you to make your company even more effective.
Having security right in the cloud during their migration process is probably one of the biggest challenges of today's businesses. Pentabay will provide you custom solutions with a secure framework to start your journey. To mention a few our security department has decades of experience partnering with banking, education and retail businesses.
Get faster, smarter, safer, and much more efficiently into the cloud without ever giving it a second thought. We understand the cloud, and that's really a fact, and we'll just make sure your journey to the cloud will be on track and during this process; your business doesn't have to suffer from downtime.
Several businesses are challenged to manage the cloud's price, which could be a heavy task. We will provide you with the tools and resources needed to optimize your cloud cost from capacity planning and cost monitoring to AWS Auto-scaling for cost-effective scalability.
Staying at the top of industry trends is crucial in a progressive technology environment. Our team will ensure your system is up-to-date and flexible along with the nature of your market. We'll help you increase productivity, minimize risk, and handle your cloud environment's inevitability of change.

Sharing a few ways, we stand out as a company when it comes to creating digital experiences and what our experience is with the cloud.

  • Agile plan for cloud migration and method of delivery.
  • Transparent, Collaborative and customer-focused approach.
  • Competitive prices for experts and consultants on cloud migration.
  • Professionals and Experts at Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services.
  • Front-end experts - In house: UX/UI Specialists & Designers and Business Analysts.
  • Project plans to boost your investment return.
  • Comprehensive testing of quality assurance before going live.
  • Proven track record of successful delivery of projects.

Cloud Migration and deployment services

Lift and Transform

As-is data and app migration from on premises to the cloud. In terms of cost, scalability, elasticity, or management features, this provides immediate benefits.


A few minor changes to software or code can be made in order to allow an application to operate on another platform. This is done to remove bottlenecks in performance and increase the operability of a device.


While holding historical data open, we shut down obsolete and unsuccessful business applications. For enforcement and security purposes, all necessary precautions are taken.


Proper management of how elements of the device communicate and step forward in the process of migration is shown. Required for data center and rack relocation.


Re-architecting the PaaS apps and fixing the size perfect for the resources running an application. Our structured approach for migration and delivery guarantees a smooth transfer of business data and cloud applications.

New installations

Deployment, POC and provisioning assistance for new applications. This includes dev-testing, performance, and testing in the required Integrated development environment.

Advantages of Cloud Migration

Businesses from different sectors and regions are shifting their applications and data to benefit from flexibility scalability, availability, accessibility, and protection.

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Reduced expenses

Organizations around the world are trying to cut their expenses in today's competitive atmosphere to stay profitable. Cloud migration enables them to reduce both operationally and capital expenditure by purchasing or paying the resources only when necessary.

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Flexibility of operations

A cloud platform helps one to develop and deploy software more flexible. Since it has been implemented from the backend, the IT Department does not have to download applications manually or via a remote network individually.

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Improved storage

Many companies choose cloud providers because they provide vast amounts of super-secure data storage at a fraction of the cost of storing data on-premise. Also, based on the usage, one can easily increase and decrease the storage, which is extremely useful for seasonal traffic enterprises.

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Highly Scalable

The highlight attribute of cloud migration is undoubtedly its inherent scalability and versatility that is never affected by the periodic requirements of your company. Through cloud services, one can schedule and allocate resources accordingly without thinking about future IT infrastructure.