The Blockchain is an authenticated, decentralized database that stores data, or,
in other words, is a virtual ledger of any transactions, contracts, which must
be registered independently.

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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology provides a means of reaching consensus on a shared digital background for untrusted parties. Popular digital history is important as digital assets and transactions are faked and/or duplicated easily in theory. Without using a trusted intermediary, Blockchain technology solves this problem. Blockchain network has already begun to disrupt the financial services sector, and the digital currency-bitcoin exchange is based on this technology.

Our Blockchain Development Services

Counting among best custom Blockchain technology firms, we cover a wide range of Blockchain development services including:

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Bespoke blockchain development

We develop flexible and reliable custom blockchain applications for businesses and startups with experience in multiple blockchain platforms, including Hyperledger, Corda, Tron, Stellar and EOS.

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Decentralized Exchange

Our blockchain development team will build a hack-proof and reliable Android and/or iOS and Web Network that enables digital currency trading safely and efficiently in realtime.

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Development of blockchain applications

The solutions are innovatively designed to meet the defined needs from building a viable POC (Proof Of Concept) to building a full-blockchain-based decentralized application (Dapps).

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Private Blockchain Development

Develop and implement a proprietary, licensed Blockchain to address the specific business requirements of the customer through the use of cryptography to store data on a distributed ledger.

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Blockchain Consulting

Our advisors answer all your questions, such as how to incorporate blockchain, knowing the domain's financial trading, implementing payment processes, handling, and explaining.

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Multichain and HyperLedger

We use licensed blockchains such as HyperLedger Fabric and Multichain for Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, etc. to create distributed applications.

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Cryptocurrency Wallet

We will build and integrate a stable, high-performance digital wallet for cryptocurrency that can allow users to send and receive and accelerating platform development.

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Smart Contract Development

To automate system execution in Ethereum and HyperLedger Fabric, we build safe and competent Smart Contract software to contact everyone as very secure.

Why choose us?

A distributed application for Media Industry centered on hyper ledger fabric to keep major financial transactions transparent and safe among stakeholders.

Advanced applications

Through exploring the use of advanced technologies, the Pentabay team is pushing the boundaries of blockchain tech and using it to fuel the company's success.

Remarkable Research and Development

The excellent R&D team at Pentabay is looking deeply at innovative ways to improve the products and services so that we can introduce them together.

Competent engineering team

The in-house cross-functional department develops all our engineering solutions. Your company will be the strongest blockchain experts on the market.


Get in touch with us to discuss a solution you need, we will work together to make something great.

Our Blockchain Process

Successful projects with custom blockchain need unique skills and procedures. In tandem with Agile methods, we use carefully designed blockchain development processes to take the venture to fruition exactly as your business requires.

Research & planning

The research process can be even longer than that of the development process, as we need to ensure that we have correctly defined the challenges and specifications and planned a way to ideally satisfy them.

User development strategy

We have strong systems of commitment while maintaining good customer experience. The advanced plan includes the design of the system outline including specialized component description, stage database structure.


Get the right access to the portal on stage at the right time. Our development team of blockchain deploys public and licensed blockchain on-site or on the cloud.

Business blockchain Development

The core of this stage is a strong agile mechanism. Feel free to attend daily stand-ups and weekly team meetings, track the progress of the project 24/7 and receive regular reports to see how your solution evolves.


We track, maintain and support the management of the new release of OS, updates to third parties, and new releases. Our developers of blockchain are available to help and solve the any kind of critical issues.

Support and enhancement

Your blockchain technology needs to keep up with it as your company grows and develops. That's why we're providing ongoing support, new features, improvements etc.

Industries We Serve

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Blockchain Transforms your company with Countless benefits

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Blockchain technology is highly secure due to the fact that each and every person entering the Blockchain Network has a unique identity that is connected to their account.


One of the main reasons blockchains are attractive for companies is that it is almost always open-source software. Banks, as well as consumers, are immediately notified of payment completion, which is both convenient and secure.

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Quicker transaction settlements

Transactions are handled faster than usual as there is no need to include payment systems, lowering costs and increasing processing speed.

Levels of access

Users must choose between open blockchain networks that are accessible to anyone and those that require permission where the client should first be allowed to enter that node.

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