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We are end-to-end Amazon Web Services developers and consultants and have dedicated AWS teams focused on helping
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Amazon Web Services


It is a cloud computing platform that provides customers with a wide array of cloud services also a secured cloud services platform that offers, database storage, content delivery, compute power and various other functionalities. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a packaged remote computing service that provides storage personalized application programming interfaces (API) support, and bandwidth to cloud computing applications over the Internet.

AWS cloud services

We offer a series of benefits for organizations, of all sizes

Apps Storage

Develop amazing web & mobile applications powered by DynamoDB based NoSQL databases or AWS hosted managed relational databases.

Performance Optimization

We help app owners get the best performance out of their cloud environment right from improving the content delivery.

Cloud Storage Services

Our experts in Cloud storage provide full support from developing custom Amazon S3 based solutions to creating low-cost Amazon Glacier archive solutions.

Intelligence and Analyzing

Analyze bigdata and data collections on cloud or Work with real-time data Using AWS services, We develop custom analytics solutions.

AWS for Mobile Backend

Using AWS services, we develop powerful integrated web and mobile backend. Build and scale with the power of cloud system.

Data Migration

Planning to migrate tons of data to AWS? Contact us. We are experts in custom AWS Storage Gateway based solutions. AWS Snowball, AWS data migration services.

Build Your Web Application With AWS

Amazon Web Services provides multiple data storage and data delivery solution and other functionalities enabling businesses scale, grow and run virtually on the cloud: from big data and enterprise applications projects to mobile apps and social games. We also provide AWS storage services including cloud storage, data migration, data delivery, mobile and web applications.

Fuel your business grow by exploring the benefits of Amazon Web Services with Pentabay that offers a wide spectrum of cloud services solutions and remote computing. We perform the best-practices and tools to eliminate operational complexity and help in saving money.

AWS Cloud Services

AWS specialized
Amazon SNS

We are specialized in sending push notifications to massive users with low minimal cost.

Amazon VPC

We manage your private cloud easily at an affordable cost.

Amazon OpsWorks DevOps

Adds new servers within a fraction a second.

Amazon SQS

We are expertized in managing large volumes of data with sqs.

Amazon EC2

We create virtual servers at lightning speed with maximum throughput.

Amazon Route 53

We are specialized in managing your dns queries, hosted zones, dns records in a simpler way.


Get in touch with us to discuss a solution you need, we will work together to make something great.

Amazon Specialized

Our growing team of AWS architects work closely with our clients to deliver dedicated IP solutions in Elastic load balancing, Amazon S3, Auto Scaling, Amazon VPC, Amazon EBS, Amazon RDS, Amazon SNS to name a few, Disaster Recovery; besides AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Cloud Watch and Backup & Recovery.

Amazon CloudFront

We are specialized in speeds up distribution of your static and dynamic web content to your users in minimum time.

Amazon SES

We can easily manage your promotional, marketing emails with a lower bounce rate.

Amazon s3

We manage a high storage system for your global networking sites very easily.

Amazon Glacier

We manage long-term data usage as archival in a cost-effective way.

Amazon Elasticache

By using memcached, redis to provide high performance We manage caching of apps.

Amazon RDS

We are expertized to setup, scale your database for high performance and easy-use.

AWS specialized