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Custom Software Development Company & IT Services

The Bespoke software is specially developed for particular organization or other user. As such, it can be contrasted with broadly used mass-market software, such as existing freeware, or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software. Try our services to Increase your Productivity and Business demands.

Custom Development

Java Development

As unique software Development Company, Our experienced Java web developers with deep software industry experience and Java web services projects, pursue creative methods in creating a broad suite of flexible and highly scalable Java web applications across a wide range of businesses.

PHP Development

PHP runs on various platforms such as Windows and, Linux, Unix, etc. Runs efficiently on the server-side and it is simple to learn. Compatible with almost all servers used in recent days, such as IIS, Apache and many more. Supports databases such as Oracle, PostgreSQL MySQL, etc.

Mobile Application

Android Development

We have access to a wide range of tools and technologies with perfectly handled integrated development environment (IDE) to create powerful android apps that is easily downloadable and can run smoothly on any android devices.

IOS Development

Our iPhone Application development services include product strategy, UX/UI design, development, testing, and technical delivery. We provide complete end-to-end custom products that encompass the complete range of iOS devices.

Web Services

Our cost-effective services are created to perform optimally and follow neat Agile methodologies while developing websites. Business today is about Professional web design services - Excellent Customer Services are the building blocks of our business. Our Web experts listen to your requirements to provide unique designs in any business for the best user experience.

We create a customer-focused and user-friendly website and help you choose the best e-commerce platform on which to build your website to help you offer your customers effortless navigation to purchase.

SEO is the process of Optimizing content to Rank High in online searches and improve organic traffic which requires in-depth knowledge of search engine's algorithms, industry and keyword.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing platform provides customers with a wide array of secured cloud services and offers, database storage, content delivery, compute power and various other functionalities.

Our Cloud Services provides multiple data storage and data delivery solution and other functionalities enabling businesses scale, grow and run virtually on the cloud: from big data and enterprise applications projects to mobile apps and social games.

Cloud migration method can involve moving all of the applications and services, or a slower approach may be needed where some apps are transferred to the cloud while others stay on site.

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Automation is an advanced automation version in which computers imitate human behaviour and possess cognitive capacities, including machine learning, computer vision technology, and processing of natural language, voice recognition. Increasing process effectiveness includes the main advantages of IA in the company. Intelligent automation empowers people to make quicker, smarter decisions with advanced, agile technologies.

AI research's goals include planning, learning reasoning, representation of information, perception, natural language processing as well as the ability to move. In theory, most AI problems can be solved by searching smartly through many possible solutions. Using AI's benefits we offer a wide range of services that help us deliver. creative,unique, and effective solutions that further ensure excellent customer service.

A tailor-made, holistic smart automation approach allows you to upgrade your staff, scaled for maximum ROI, boost efficiencies and enhance the customer experience. As the specialist in software engineering behind many of the world's leading platforms for smart automation, Pentabay can create, engineer and optimize alternatives to assist you to attain your distinctive company objectives.

RPA is also known as Robotic Process automation is an evolving type of business process automation technology based on the concept of metaphorical robots or employees in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). RPA tools have powerful technical resemblance to testing tools for the graphical user interface. These tools also automate GUI interactions and often do so by repeating a number of user-driven demonstration actions.

Know about your Custom Software

Developing custom software is designing of software applications within an organisation for a particular user or group of users. Considering the requirements of your organization, designing an application indicates an enhanced productivity rate. First of all, depending on your particular needs, Custom-made software is constructed. It is scalable and helps you with the ever-changing trends and changing technology to meet your company needs.

Get the finest budget characteristics. Choose the features that you most need to develop your company instead of paying for all the features, some of which may be less important to your company requirements.

It may not be seamless to integrate pre-packaged software with your current systems. You can design the application with tailored software, keeping current technologies in mind. Get customized event reports.

Decide the software perspective by target customers and platforms. This point is the top priority when building a worldwide application.

Be the first to overcome a technical challenge rather than wait for the supplier to update its packaged software.

The most desirable software development business will be providing high-quality software development services and qualified and experienced developers. The business should therefore be providing scalable services.

A cloud based service provider is more desirable because it offers greater flexibility and security. Agile methodologies should be used by software development companies and their priorities should be straightforward.


We have three main products for your business.

We, at Pentabay work with all Major Web Platforms, do interactive, easy-to-use and customized
Digital Design & Web Development

Our ideology is focused on the delivery of true value to our clients, software developers, and employees in all parts of the world. Pentabay Team turns your ideas into reality, supports Enterprises to stay innovative, competitive, modifies and provides best quality assurance In a cost efficient manner. We customize software, creating agile software development and programming teams tailored to your specific requirement or any product development. Clients and Developers from any part of the world can collaborate effectively by our unique, highly professional and effective way of approaches.

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  • Web Development Services
  • Web Design Services
  • Java Software Development
  • PHP Web Application Development
  • Android app development software
  • iOS app development software
  • eCommerce platforms
  • Creative Media
  • Amazon Web Services
  • SEO Services
  • Staff Augmentation

What We Do

We help our clients to achieve their business goals by providing high quality IT talent globally with efficient custom software development services and also by reducing the burden of the hiring process, Increasing Knowledge of business and follow best industry practices.

Every client is unique in their thoughts and ideas. Personalized or custom-made software gives way to fulfil the specific needs of customers. At Pentabay we believe listening, Inspecting, decoding, guiding and then implementing new ideas and practice matching their requirements and to effectively present complex information.

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